April 17, 2024

Knowing how to choose a melon

Find the rare pearl among the melons of our favorite crop is not so complicated. Just know some little secrets of this fruit so tasty. And besides, if there are several kinds, the tips are always about the same.

Observe the melon
First reflex to have: to observe the beast. The chosen member of your plate must have 10 well marked slices on his skin. The others will often have a sweet and faded taste in the mouth. Whether his dress is smooth or "written", it does not matter, they are actually two different kinds of melon. On the other hand, carefully scan the small tail of the melon, called peduncle. She must have a crack and peel slightly. This is the sign of a melon ripe at will and ready to be tasted.

Soup the melon
Then pick up the melon and weigh it. If it is heavy, it means that it is full of sugar.

Feel the melon
Now that you have observed, scrutinized and weighed, here is the final step of casting your melon, sniffing! Well, in a shop it's always weird to see someone smell his melon, but it's the best way to be sure and certain of his choice. Many people say that you must smell the melon at the peduncle, personally I sniff it on both sides. The smell must be pleasant, sweet and fruity but not too strong or a bit acidic. That would mean that your melon is too mature and not terrific in the mouth. If he does not smell, go your way or you'll have a beetroot to eat instead of a melon.