May 13, 2021

Knowing how to sort things out: I throw / I do not throw

Before emptying your wardrobe, make space in your room. And empty the contents of all your shelves, one by one, on your bed and on the rest of your furniture so as to put everything flat. Plan a whole day because storage will keep you occupied for long hours.

Plan a large box (or more) where you put all the clothes to give. To find out if they are worthy of being fired, ask yourself the following question: "Will I ever postpone this thing?" If the answer is 100% negative, JET
If in doubt about an item, plan another box where you put all the clothes to think ... You will decide then.
Can other forgotten clothes begin a new life? Sometimes, when they are out of our field of vision for long months or even years, you may be surprised to find that they are always trendy, remains to know with what we can wear them ...

An old tracksuit, an old t-shirt, a sweatshirt that you have not worn for a long time in every woman's wardrobe ... When these textiles accumulate, it gives whole columns of clothes that you can you pass: then throw!
To make this moment fun, why not invite your girlfriends for an outside opinion on your dressing? They can suggest tricks to recycle your old things or encourage you to definitely throw off your old dresses ...
Our advice
If you have some remorse for getting rid of some business, still in very good condition, why not put them on sale in a deposit-sale or sell them on ebay? They can be a new kitty to offer you something else ...

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