May 23, 2022

Krys, the saga of the brand

Here is the saga of the brand Krys which today brings together more than 850 stores in France.

The beginning

At the initiative of three men, Guy Le Her, Paul Lardet and Robert Mascré, the association of the Grands Lunetiers de France, which brings together several independent opticians and visionaries, is born. The latter, who have the same vision of the trade, want indeed to offer the French the best of optics. Their professionalism is based on the following three values: technical, ethical and aesthetic. In 1966, this association became a cooperative that was renamed the Guild of the Lunetiers de France. But this title is too long. The Guild of Lunetiers de France is another name. Which ?

The new name is unveiled in 1967

That year, the director of the Guild of the Lunetiers de France, Robert Lesage, sends to the other Guildians anonymous letters where four letters cut out in the newspapers appear: "Krys ". Some collaborators think it is a threatening letter since the definition of this word in the dictionary means "a little Maltese dagger". The truth breaks out during the general assembly. This is not a threat but the future sign Krys. The curtain opens on these four letters that shine on a giant sign. The Guildians now have a sign.
But why did you choose Krys ?

At first, Krystal's name was retained. Is not crystal the symbol of purity and its transparency refers to that of glasses of glasses. But some Guildians find it too long. The choice is ultimately on Krys. What does mean Krys ? It is Krystallos in Greek which means "frozen water", "ice", "glass" and "crystal", which is both a noble and beautiful stone. Krysit is also Krisis, which in Greek means the ability to distinguish, to choose, to decide and also to diagnose.

In the 1960s / 70s, the customer can not choose his glasses. The brand will revolutionize the market by exposing glasses on display stands. The customer can touch them, try them and get advice from a professional. In 1968, opticians Krys constitute the first network of the optical market, thanks in particular to advertising. Opticians Krys were the first in the world of optics to communicate on television.

In 1980, the Codir is the first central buying point for opticians. For twenty years, it has established itself as the leading optical purchasing power in France. Codir is also know-how since a quarter of the glasses distributed are made in its workshops.

In 1982, a second brand is created "Vision plus" and why? For more proximity with the customer. Thanks to the computer, Krys continues his merry way.
In 2002, the group reinforces its ethical value by giving birth to the Corporate Foundation Krys for the view. Its mission: to make every effort to ensure that every inhabitant of planet Earth benefits from the progress of optics and the best quality of view. How? The group's banners set up partnerships with other companies to recover old ones glasses and distribute it.

In 2010, it is the birth of Krys Group. By highlighting the brand Krys, the group uses brand awareness to establish itself as the European leader in optics.

Since 1966, the strength of Krys relies on the professionalism of employees who are trained in optics and aesthetics. And it works ! Between 1985 and today, the number of stores Krys has grown from 400 to 866. The brand is present throughout France and even in Belgium, where twenty outlets have opened.

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