May 13, 2021

L'Oréal Paris launches its very first online store

Attention ladies, you are likely to become addicted to your computer (if it is not already the case)! L'Oréal Paris is launching its very first online store, to the delight of all beauty addicts, who will be happy to rob the virtual rays of their favorite brand.


Already pioneering the digital with a first innovative application on Iphone in 2010 (called Instant Beauty), L'Oreal Paris now opens its doors on the net, with a site that is both ergonomic, aesthetic and trend.


On the opening page, we find a long welcome banner, which redirects us to the brand's new products, for men and women, but also web exclusives and looks, a particularly interesting tab. In fact, L'Oréal Paris offers its customers the opportunity to reproduce a star's beauty, by selecting, for them, the necessary products, such as mascaras and eyeliner. Ditto for manicures and hairstyles. The little extra that makes all the difference.


The brand also offers its customers a very precise choice. Thus, when you select a product, whatever it is, L'Oreal then offers you another selection associated shopping, to complete your vanity in an intelligent way.


The geekettes will like: the possibility to add the products and visuals on pinterest, to like them on Facebook, but also to be able to leave comments and notes.


Another good news: L'Oréal Paris offers 3 free samples for all orders, with no minimum purchase amount. Be aware however that from 35 euros of purchase, the brand offers you a gift. So girls, we take out his credit card and we go to this address, without further ado, And do not forget, "you're worth it"!