May 29, 2020

Lady Gaga ready to launch a detox water!

According to the New York Daily, the Mother Monster would plan to launch his own drink : a water healthy and dietary. A source reportedly told the US website: "Gaga has been the focus of a lot of attention following her weight gain ", before adding "lose weight in a short time and start a water healthy can be part of the plan ". Indeed, the extra 11 kilos of the star had not failed to react tabloids around the world, who were almost bitter on it. The Gaga had reacted strongly, posting photos of her in underwear on social networks, accompanied by the following legend: "anorexia and bulimia since I was 15. " She had then launched a real movement on the web: "The Body Revolution 2013". The goal ? Encourage his fans to accept themselves as they are. And yet, today she seems to want to tackle the field of detox with her new drink ...

According to James Desborough, a Hollywood correspondent for the New York Daily, the designers of Gaga's creative team are finalizing the marketing campaign for the future drink of the star. The shape of the bottle, however, remains secret. "Everyone at HQ Lady Gaga has the lips sealed. We know that his water must go out in the near future. Nobody has seen the prototypes of the bottle yet. Thewater of Gaga has been under construction for months, and now things are moving towards an announcement and a great outing " says a source at the US site. A month after the release of its perfume "Fame", Lady Gaga continues its momentum and is now interested in slimming allies. Case to follow!

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