August 16, 2022

Lady Gaga without makeup for Harper's Bazaar, her beauty tips

In sepia tones, fair hair like wheats, eyes of cats staring at the lens, a natural beauty break on the cover of September's Harper's Bazaar issue. Without her turquoise-blue hair, her eyeliner crushing her eyes, a lipstick painting her mouth, it's almost hard to recognize Lady Gaga.

Beauty tips
"Whether I'm wearing makeup or not, I'm still the same person inside", astonishes the singer. Lady Gaga, so adept of aberrations of style, would not give so much importance to these layers of makeup that make his leg? Beauty by the designer Nicola Formichetti, it shines and shows another nature, sober and natural. The 25-year-old tells her techniques to be fit, dance, yoga, healthy eating, but she also tried surfing this summer. "I did not stop falling at the beginning. But one of the surfers said to me, "Now that you can stand up, look at the future and go ahead". I thought it was an interesting metaphor for my life. "


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