April 10, 2021

Laetitia Milot de Plus belle la vie: its secrets for a dreamlike silhouette

P: Can you give us some beauty tips gleaned on the shootings?
LM: The best thing I learned about filming is getting to know myself and putting on make-up based on my face. Makeup artists and hairdressers have shown me a lot. For example I learned the proper use of the concealer or how to give volume to the hair by creping.

P: Are you faithful ... in perfume?
LM: I'm not faithful to a perfume but to a family: I like fruity. I like it when it's young and greedy but I hate vanilla or amber. I like the summer edition Escada, Nina by Nina Ricci, Lady Million by Paco Rabanne ...

P: A secret "beautiful skin"?
LM: make-up removal! Every night you have to do it. I use a milk and a lotion even if I did not wear makeup. This is the first anti wrinkle gesture! I use Toleriane and physiological soothing lotion, La Roche Posay.

P: Your beauty spot, your favorite beauty address?
LM: I started to be depilated in institute at Alizé Beauté Concept, an institute of Aix en Provence, and since that is where I return for hair removal when I do not shave. But I go especially for massages and treatments, she has an extra for the change of season!

P: A well-being tip?
LM: I take baths in the winter because the summer I have the pool, but I make cold jets on the legs all year long!

P: What is the secret of your form?
LM: a lot of sport! I watch Direct 8, indoors and outdoors. I jog but I also have a vibrant platform Beauty Performer ... In fact I do as much as I can, at least 1 hour per day, or 1:30 a day on 2.

P: What do you think about slimming diets?
LM: I do not like extreme diets, I prefer common sense ... but I hold back because I am a real gourmet. At one point, everyone around me was doing Dukan. I also tried but I did not succeed, I felt weak. In fact, I find it dangerous. When I gain weight, I stop the bread and I focus on vegetables, with white meat, fish and yogurts.

P: What would your beauty advice be to women in general?
Play sports ! It's good for morale and for the body. After the sport, you feel good in your head and in your skin, it's important!

Laetitia Milot annonce son retour dans Plus belle la vie,Emma se fait vire (April 2021)