September 20, 2020

Laetitia Milot More beautiful life: "I find my nose too long" What is the compliment that touched you the most?
Laetitia Milot : one day, visiting a hospital, a patient told me that the character of Melanie made him smile, it was like a ray of sunshine in his day. It made me much more fun than a banal compliment on my physique, that I can hear all the time!

P: What is your relationship to beauty?
LM: I talk a lot, for the image, it's important. I would probably do it less if I was less exposed, but it's a pleasure for me. That said, I'm not obsessed with creams or makeup. Although I use care, for me it is especially the form that counts.

P: What is your worst beauty wrong?
LM: When I was a teenager and I had long hair, I cut my bangs myself ... at an angle! The time it pushes, I had it for the class photo .. shame!

P: Do you have a complex to admit to us?
LM: I do not like my profile, I find my nose too long, but I should not say it! Chuut! I find my lips a little thin too, but I will never do injections! I understand girls who use surgery after a baby, for example, to raise their chest, but I do not understand those who do it when they are already not bad ...

P: What part of your body do you prefer?
LM: My eyes and ... my buttocks! When I want to seduce, it's my eyes that I will highlight ...

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