April 20, 2024

Lancôme innovates with a vibrant mascara!

Lancome has developed the first mascara which vibrates thanks to micro-oscillations, on sale in November.
The mascara Oscillation performs 7,000 movements per minute and thus allows the product to be better distributed on the eyelashes. The secret ? Its handle is equipped with a 3 cm miniature motor, activated by a removable and recyclable battery.
Just a thumb pressure on the applicator to trigger the oscillation. Then put the brush at the root of the eyelashes and slide it to the ends, maintaining the pressure of the button throughout the makeup. The formula of the product has also been revised, finer for a smoother rendering.
The trend is launched since the Estée Lauder brand should also put on sale a mascara Oscillations this winter!
Website: www.lancome.fr

HSN | Lancome Paris Beauty 04.05.2019 - 07 PM (April 2024)