December 10, 2023

Large family: the eyes of others

Mother courage

There are the admirers and the astonished. "How brave you are!" Or "I could not have but I always dreamed of it", that's what people often hear moms many children. However, they do not feel like superwoman and raise their "little" tribe like all the other mothers of family. Sacrifice, tiredness, fed up sometimes, but always in thelove and the certainty of having made the right choice. A choice that must be made in the face of bad languages.

Laying mother

"It's for the allocs!", "They must all be different fathers" or "Contraception, you know?" The a priori are not lacking on the families numerous: polygamists, traditional Catholics, families recomposed, we imagine a lot of reasons for this choice that we do not understand and that comes out of the usual mold. Yet many of these families followed the classic pattern "dad, mum and the children ", do not go to Mass every Sunday and do not roll on the gold.Their choice of life was imposed to them quite naturally, in spite of the difficulties Mouths to feed, rent to pay, clothing of the children, house to enlarge, the budget is tight and the holidays often sacrificed.But when we love, we do not count!

Mother in the chain

"How do you never forget?", "You must spend your life counting them!", "Can you remember all the names?" Questions that arise, strangely, as if the children of a family numerous were only the numbers of a long list. Yes, they get the clothes of the elders and have to learn to share, but no, they are not all unhappy. A mother of two has a hard time imagining how to cut herself in six or how to lengthen days, but moms of families many are often discovered unsuspected resources ...

Exploring my Calling to Teach (through the eyes of my family) (December 2023)