October 25, 2021

Learn to eat well, instructions for use

The PNNS (National Plan Nutrition Nutrition) holds in France the keys to a healthy diet. According to him, "to eat well is to adopt a varied and balanced diet". So when you go shopping, you prefer "healthy" products like fruits, the vegetables (5 / days), the fish (2 / week), starchy foods ... and we limit red meats, hyper-sweet processed products (chocolate bars, ice cream ...), salty foods (cakes, cold cuts ...) or too much food fat (fried foods, butter ...). There is no proper food, you can eat everything in adequate quantities. The whole thing is not to fall into excess.


When diet rhymes with organization

It's not always easy to prepare balanced and varied meals on a daily basis. Before doing your shopping try to sketch the menus of the week taking into account of course what is in the cupboards. Because it is during this period that you will create your food balance. Avoid as much as possible dishes already cooked.

Nothing beats a little dish homemade, especially since between vegetables canned or frozen, the microwave ... it is possible to cook balanced in less than 20 minutes.


Once the good weather has arrived, we tend to relax. For this reason, Corine Periano dietician nutritionist decided to put the points on the i in order to eat well on a daily basis.

- You have to drink, yes but water and stay soft as sodas, juice fruits and cocktails.
- A salad is light yes, unless you add a seasoning very fat, too caloric ingredients ... Opt for oils rich in Omega 3 and do not hesitate to incorporate in your salads starchy, allied in size against the small hollow.
- Beware of ice cream! Sorbets and granites are much less caloric.
- Beware of fruits very sweet (cherries / grapes) rather close on the fruits rich in water.
- Grilling is good, but watch out for meat full of saturated fatty acids. Choose lean meats, poultry and Pisces omega 3 and 6. Also avoid too high temperatures that could carbonize your food before they cook.

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