June 23, 2024

Learning a foreign language: the benefits

From then on, he will be able to use the languages ​​that will enable him to get in touch and interact with his family.

A child awake. This early learning is also positive on the awakening of the child. He will discover other cultures, other sounds, other people. Studies reveal that a child who learns another language will even have some facilities to read in his own language mother.

No language disorder. In no case this learning can not harm the child. Bilingual children do not have more language problems than others. The child will not confuse the languages ​​either, it will pass very well from one to the other according to the person with whom it exchanges.

Eliane Delage, founder of Sing and Play, talks about the learning facilities of young children: "At the babiesit's more like an awakening to English: children listen to and immerse themselves in language: they hardly ever speak during workshops, but they are usually very attentive; when 2 years ago, after 3 months of weekly workshops an 18 month old French baby said "monkey" when I showed him the puppet of a monkey, I was ecstatic (and his parents too! ). In general, babies begin to repeat the words and sing from 2 years old ". 

A playful immersion. A young child retains by the Thu and thanks to exchanges with "real people". To immerse your cherub in a linguistic bath, immerse quickly in a bilingual environment. Many workshops, schools bilingual (see the list by clicking here), foreign nannies exist and can introduce your child to learning a new language. You can also use different media like DVDs, music, etc.

Eliane Delage explains some fundamental principles: "Do not force. Do activities that appeal to children. In our workshops, the speakers listen to everyone (and this is only possible if the group is reduced); we will run workshops in nurseries and it will be in groups of 3 to 5 children from 2 to 3 years. For toddlers, it is often necessary to repeat the same words and the same songs so that they retain them. In general they do not get tired, because our teachers constantly awaken their interest with puppets, gestures, etc. "

So if learning a foreign language represents a chance for your child, this discovery should never be seen as a constraint. Do not forget to encourage him and stimulate his achievements!

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