October 5, 2022

Leather jacket: which cut to choose?

Each woman has a jacket in her dressing room leather fetish. In general, the choice of the right jacket in leather is the result of a long search. The selection is often delicate or laborious because you never know which to choose. On the one hand, the price slows down your buying fever and on the other hand you want this article to remain in your wardrobe for several years ...

The flagship article it's the biker-style leather jacket who is not about to go out of fashion. It is short at the waist, the advantage is that it is suitable for all body types and can be combined with everything: jeans, pants tailor, skirt ... Those who have some curves to hide can wear it with a loose dress or a tunic ...

At the time of fitting, you have to feel good and in harmony, a bit like it's a second skin. The choice must be in keeping with your style. Avoid the perfecto if your look is rather classic!

If you are rather round, avoid too curvy models and opt for a three-quarter jacket that will emphasize your size (forget this model if you are small, because you would look more compact).

If you are tall and thin: no restrictions, all models will fit you.

The color of your leather jacket ... Go for the black: you are sure not to get tired of your jacket, even after several years.
Our advice
Do not choose a jacket too narrow with a style too "trendy", you may leave it in your wardrobe, because you will have to give the rest of your outfit with this jacket. You also take the risk that his style "fashion" does not exceed the season.

How Is A Leather Jacket Supposed To Fit? (October 2022)