October 22, 2021

LEGO fan and architecture: this info is for you!

An unprecedented range! From the beginning of June, LEGO and the architecture will be one! LEGO Architecture has partnered with professionals to ensure that its models inspire future architects, engineers, designers and architects from around the world.

The history of this project

LEGO Architecture is the result of collaboration between the group LEGO and architect Adam Reed Tucker who grew up creating and assembling bricks LEGO. And careful construction has been one of the determining factors in the choice of his future profession.
At a meeting of enthusiasts LEGO in 2006, the architect went to Washington D.C to exhibit his creations. In his suitcases, he brings his models but also an ambitious project ... that of associating with the Danish group to reproduce scale models LEGO most famous architectural sites.

A new concept

Range LEGO Architectures is unique because it offers both original and unpublished products while presenting them in a completely innovative way through booklets and boxes specially designed for these models. LEGO Architecture gave birth to a friendly, educational and attractive concept.

Each box LEGO Architecture contains a complete booklet that explains step by step instructions for assembly. The latter is accompanied by historical archives, information and photographs on each emblematic building, its original plans, its architect and its characteristics.

The launch date in France: June 2011

The famous Parisian store Bon Marché Rive Gauche will have the exclusivity of this launch where the construction boxes will be available in preview, later distributed in other brands. An exhibition will be dedicated to the range from June 11th to August 12th 2011, at the Galerie de L'Entretemps at the Bon Marché Rive Gauche.

The Guggenheim Museum in New York

This exhibition will be an opportunity to admire unpublished models, real large-scale reproductions of some models of the range, built by fans LEGO Empire State Building, Rockefeller Center, Fallingwater, Solomon R, Guggenheim Museum and Farnsworth House. Thanks to LEGO and whatever your age, you will spend beautiful hours in family.

The White House in Washington

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