April 20, 2024

Lemon Meyer, new fruit boost of winter

The origins of Meyer lemon
This lemon would come from China. It was imported to the United States at the beginning of the 20th century, before settling definitively among the varieties of lemon exception.
The lemon Meyer is a hybrid cross between the lemon traditional and tangerine, or even orange. It is yellow and looks like a lemonbut its taste is less acidic, sweeter, more aromatic. Its flavors are very particular and subtle, which gives it a unique and sought after character. Its leaf is slightly scented with bergamot.

In the kitchen
The lemon Meyer adapts to all receipts the usual citrus or lemon traditional. It is ideal for a pie the lemon meringue, because its refinement often wins the vote. But hundreds of receipts allow to use it. He associates very well with the poppy in cakes or madeleines, in particular. Sorbet, granita, lemon confit ... why deprive yourself?

The lemon Meyer is ideal for winter
Another characteristic and not least, the Meyer lemon tree is the most resistant to cold. It can hold up to -5 ° C, which of course limits its exposure to cold but still allows to consider maintaining a lemon tree in a cool room or cold during the winter season. Lemieux is to protect it from the frosts by affixing a wintering veil or potting it to get it back. In this case, a space at 10 ° C is amply sufficient.

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