May 29, 2023

Leo shape health horoscope for the year 2008

First quarter: March, the planet of energy, in harmonic aspect, will guarantee you a solid dynamism. In some cases, you should be wary of excessive nervous tension. If, after a busy period, you can not relax, do yoga. If you have a chronic illness, you may be offered a change of treatment; check with other specialists before making a decision.

Second trimester: Uranus and Neptune in this aspect should encourage you to practice regular physical activity. If it is Uranus that influences you the most, you will instinctively choose a rather tonic sport. If you are more sensitive to the impact of Neptune, you will move towards a relaxation activity, such as yoga. In both cases, you will draw a deep well-being, because by rebalancing your body you will at the same time harmonize your psyche.

Third Quarter: Even if you are not overflowing with dynamism, you will still be able to rely on good physical strength, and your natural defenses will work effectively. However, if you commit too much excess, you may suffer the consequences. Be particularly wary of disorders related to excess cholesterol.

Fourth quarter: Excellent tone, thanks to the passage of Mars, the planet of dynamism. You will have strong energy reserves and very good recovery capabilities. No doubt you will feel the need to play sports. Avoid too violent activities like combat sports. Exercising while relaxing, physically and psychologically, will be more profitable in the long run. Walking or tai chi, for example, will suit you perfectly.

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