June 23, 2024

Leona Lewis: his ponytail at his signing party in London

Derbies on the feet, black and white bi-material dress, waist belt with a butterfly knot: Leona Lewis looked like a baby doll during his signing session on October 16 in the London concept store HMV. Coming to present her latest album, the singer has conquered the hearts of her fans with her very glamorous retro style. With a cat eyes subtly highlighted by a fine line of eyeliner, a mouth of a passion red, a sun and a complexion ponytail high sublimated by a honey blond coloring, Leona Lewis sparkled with beauty. His look has left no one unscathed ... A faultless!

Copy the look of Leona?
To achieve a ponytail high, first, separate your hair into three parts by distinguishing the hair from the back, those from the top of the skull and the wicks on the side. Then, using a fine comb, slightly crimp the top part of the head. To form the ponytail, pull your hair back, making sure to flatten them, then tie them to the top of your skull with an elastic band. Take a wick (on the side), then wrap it to hide your elastic. Secure with hairpins and adjust by applying a hairspray.

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