December 9, 2019

Let's groove with the PS Move!

Difficult to guess at first glance the real functions of this elongated device surmounted by a strange luminous ball with dynamic colors depending on the environment. And yet, everything is in the name: Move!


The PlayStation® Move is an exclusive PS3 controller that integrates traditional functions like the four game keys, the Start button and a trigger, but also has a Move button.

Thanks to this button and the power of the console, the camera of the PS3 recognizes the movements and position of the luminous ball, and therefore the players.

This detector analyzes and retranscribes all the movements performed, not only in the laterality, but also in the depth with surgical precision.

To increase efficiency, this controller is equipped with an accelerometer and a gyroscope analyzing the speed and direction respectively. A vibration module and a rechargeable battery complete the PS Move.
Enter the action ...

Become an adventurer ready to face all the dangers, a boxer riding on the
ring, or participate in a multitude of sporting events in a friendly tournament ...

In use, the PlayStation® Move fulfills all its promises and the result is simply stunning. Thanks to the PS Move combined with the power of the PS3, the slightest movement, however minimal, is instantly transcribed on the screen and transports the players, up to four simultaneously, to the heart of the action . Undoubtedly, playing has never been so instinctive and the concept of augmented reality makes sense, with certain games.
A wireless navigation controller connected by Bluetooth is also available but it is quite possible to use the classic DualShock 3 controller in addition to the PS Move.
PlayStation® Move Games
On Release AND the following weeks, many games will benefit from the PlayStation Motion Detector® Move. A fun, family-friendly gaming experience to share via titles SingStar Dance or the very fun Sports Champions.

The devilish reactivity of PS Move also works wonders on action-oriented titles such as SOCOM: Special Forces, Time Crisis: Razing Storm, The Fight or The Lord of the Rings: The Quest of Aragorn. Note that several hits of the console will have the honors of a new edition compatible with the PS Move, Eye Pet and Heavy Rain especially. Many other games will be compatible with the PS Move and not least, since a compatibility with Killzone 3 is already announced!
Augmented reality takes a step! With relentless precision, the PlayStation® Move provides an intensely immersive, precise and above all, terribly fun gaming experience.

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