July 3, 2020

Libra Horoscope 2011 - Work

Balance Horoscope 2011: Your professional destiny


First trimester If you have any professional initiatives to take, do what is necessary at this time, because the planet Uranus will be in a good position in your Heaven. This astral aspect will intensify your sense of organization and help you to better impose yourself. Make all the necessary arrangements, but without going beyond the scope of your usual occupations or obligations.

Second trimester : The planets will be relatively neutral with regard to the evolution of your career. The first month of the period will be easy, though perhaps a bit boring. After that, you will probably have to be more vigilant because of the Dark Moon. This star is not totally negative, but it may however require you to provide an extra effort to succeed, or to review some of your claims down.

Third trimester : Be careful in your dealings with your supervisors in professional life, because the astral atmosphere, dominated by the planet Mars, will incite you to a feeling of rebellion that you will have some difficulty to master. The time will not be for understanding and let-live. So, keep a low profile if you value your current livelihood, because we have never seen a pot of earth crush a cauldron in a pileup contest!

Fourth trimester : Jupiter, particularly favorable, will take you under his wing precisely at the moment when other planets will try to destabilize you. Indeed, Pluto will begin these days his opposition with Saturn. If you did not have the right to Jupiter's protection, the situation could have deteriorated. But with the master of luck in your pocket, you will not have anything to worry about. At most, in some cases, you will know some unforeseen tensions, which will not really affect you.



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