August 14, 2022

Light makeup: I prepare my skin

Having a healthy and luminous skin is first and foremost taking care of your skin every day. This is to moisturize it, but also to rid it of impurities that dull the complexion. Also, in order to erase this gray mine and keep a radiant complexion naturally, follow our advice!
Know your skin type
To begin, it is essential to know your skin type accurately. Do not put cream for dry skin, if you have oily skin and vice versa. Some women have no idea of ​​their skin type and are sometimes wrong, causing inconvenience, tugging, or excessive shine.
In short, the best in these cases is to seek advice from a beautician who will be able to learn more about your skin type. You can then choose the beauty products that suit you, from the day cream to the foundation.
Wash and moisturize
To have a healthy skin, a beautiful shine, pamper there day after day. Wash it there tonight and morning with a specific care soap. To remove make-up, do not forget the lotion step, be it after micellar cleansing water, makeup remover oil or milk.
The lotion removes the film left by the makeup remover on the skin. Your skincare cream can then perfectly penetrate your skin. Without the lotion step, the hydration is not done as well, result you may have a dull complexion, blurred. Yes, despite what some people think, the lotion is not chique!
Exfoliate and moisturize
To have a glowing skin, it is also to make scrubs. Erase your skin once or twice a week to get rid of the dead cells that are also responsible for this gray mine. However, after scrub it remains an important step, that of hydration. Indeed, the scrubeven mild, remains an aggression for your skin that needs to rehydrate afterwards. A scrub must therefore always be accompanied by a moisturizing mask. No, the day cream, even a moisturizer, is not enough, it will not nourish your skin deeply enough after a scrubhence the moisturizing mask.
Your skin will be brighter, full of natural radiance!