December 1, 2021

Liiv by Avon Day Cream, Night Cream and Facial Cleanser

Let yourself be rejuvenated by the power of the plants in the Liiv botanicals by Avon range. Care moisturizing and regenerating gently to find purified and cleansed skin. The regenerating cleanser for the face of Liiv is based on plant extracts. As the name suggests, it cleanses and oxygenates your skin without irritating it. The tired skin breathes, the pores are unclogged, the face radiates health, the complexion is radiant.

The day cream is to apply then, every morning. It revitalizes the skin of the face, helps protect it from external aggressions such as pollution, dust ... After three days, the tired skin is toned, soft and hydrated, as repaired. The texture of the skin is even sublimated, the pores tightened!

In the evening, apply night cream. This moisturizer nourishes the skin intensely and sublimates it during your sleep, effortlessly! After three days of use, small skin imperfections disappear, the complexion is radiant.

Face cleaner, 13? the 75 ml
Day cream, 18? the 50 ml
Night cream, 18? the 50 ml

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Avon skin whitening and Brightening day cream review/fairness cream review/how to get fasir skin (December 2021)