June 23, 2021

Lingerie: 40 years of crossed hearts

To celebrate the forty years of the famous crossed heart, the brand Playtex launches the "Divine" collection. Inspired by vintage, it takes again the codes crossed heart of the beginnings and is declined in three lines collector: "Basic", "Satine", and "Vintage".
The launch will be on the occasion of the next Valentine's Day, which will mark four decades of bra became cult "for its qualities of comfort and maintenance" dixit the mark.

40 years of the Cross Heart of Playtex
Invented in 1968 and based on a new technique of sewing, the crossed heart has been sold to several millions of copies throughout the world.

The 2008 collection forgets "old shell breasts" to redraw a rounded chest "with naturalness". Line includes, in addition to bras, gainettes, squeegees and boxers.
The release of this collection will be the occasion of the opening of an event website. To be continued...

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