July 5, 2020

Lingerie: thong or panties?

The string
Some consider it sexy, practical and modern while others doubt its hygienic qualities and find it uncomfortable.
Even if you are resolutely "anti", know that the string can be very convenient because it avoids unsightly marks under tight or transparent clothing. In addition, it takes up less space in a suitcase or wardrobe ...
Our advice:
To be comfortable in your string, choose a size above yours to maximize comfort.
Do not skimp on the quality and choice of material: prefer cotton.
Lastly, do not tell yourself that because he is little, he does not see himself so match him to what you wear. For example, avoid the string black under light clothes ...
The panties
Comfortable, elegant, reassuring even the cheeky can also suffer from a nerdy picture.
The interest of cheeky is that it offers a wide choice of shapes and materials: more or less indented, high or low waist, sexy or refined ...
Little more? Some shaping models can help hide some small defects like a belly a little bounced.
The least: the cheeky tends to not always be discreet under certain clothes and to "mark" the buttocks.
Our advice:
Be careful of visible seams under tight clothing. Ditto for lace or patterns too bright. There are very practical models, seamlessly apparent.
Another alternative?
The tanga can be the good alternative for those who hesitate.
Shorty is also another possibility because it has many advantages. It is comfortable, seamless thick and generally very worked on the look.

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