November 28, 2022

Lion Horoscope 2011 - Ancestry

2011 Lion Horoscope: the influence of your ascendancy


Aries ascending lion : The stars will bring you a precious help in your work by sharpening your intuition. You will therefore have every interest to promote your most innovative ideas, to present your creative projects: your superiors will appreciate them and take them into account. It will also be a good time to think about reorganizing your work, changing the concept of your activities, targeting your customers, etc.

Ascending Leo Bull : You have taken the bad habit of spending a lot of money to calm your anxieties or to compensate for your disappointments. Do not continue to live beyond your means, otherwise you will soon have serious problems on your arm.
Ascending Leo Gemini : The astral climate of this year will be worth to you a slight tone. In return, you will lead a more intense inner life and will be particularly sensitive to the world of dreams and the invisible. Think to exploit advantageously your premonitions.

Ascending Leo Cancer : In work as in love, you will have great satisfactions thanks to your increased tactician flair. You will have your usual energy, but you will know how to arrange yourself so as not to attack people head-on. If a detour is required, you will do so willingly, without suffering a feeling of lack of courage or consent to compromise dishonorable.

Lion ascending Lion : Move, meet people, exchange points of view, get advice. This year will bring you happy surprises, which may change the way you see things if not the course of your life.

Leo ascending Virgo : The planetary influx of the year will be beneficial to you in many ways, and it will be a question of making the most of it. You will have good chances in the handling of money and speculation in general. Real estate investment and games of chance will be favored. And that's not all: influxes will benefit leisure, travel, associations, social and friendly relationships.

Ascending Leo Balance : Do the impossible to realize your sentimental projects. You will benefit from many favorable influxes. Arrange to guide your research as best as possible and to promote luck. Be present at weddings, engagements, family celebrations and various events to which you are invited. At the limit, do not disdain the services of marriage agencies or the Internet.

Ascending Lion Scorpion Many natives of the sign will have some reason to be dissatisfied with their home: between the sometimes despotic attitude of the elderly parents, the difficulties concerning them, and the rebellious character of the children, they will have a lot to do!

Ascending Leo Sagittarius : In love, you will, more than ever, focus on stability and respect for the word given. This is an attitude of the happiest. Your efforts will soon bear fruit that will exceed your expectations.

Capricorn Ascendant Leo If you are planning to set up your own business or embark on ambitious business projects, be aware that your task will be difficult. You will have the opportunity to succeed, of course, but provided you make a great effort.

Ascendant Leo Aquarius : Progressive improvement on the material level. It must be said that the influence of the Sun, unlike the Moon, has not led you recently to save money. But from this year, you will be better off.

Ascending Leo Pisces : Under the protective wing of Jupiter, let yourself live in all serenity. The pace will definitely slow down and, as you will be supported by a certain amount of luck, you will have no major worries. Just be careful to respect a healthy lifestyle: the excesses would not succeed you.



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