June 10, 2023

Lion Horoscope 2015 - Health

Lion Horoscope 2015 - What health will you have?


First trimester If you have been suffering for a long time from nervousness and insomnia, look no further: it was because of Uranus. Finished now its harmful influence! Better in your body as in your head, you should enjoy a good basic balance. But beware: Neptune, always around, may accentuate your tendency to somatize and make you more vulnerable to viruses and microbes.
Second trimester : Uranus and Jupiter both placed in the areas of your theme related to health, it requires a little vigilance! If you respect your sleep patterns and observe a balanced diet, you will not have to worry, you may even be in great shape. The important thing will be to live a well-regulated and calm life.
Third trimester : Jupiter will be well connected to Pluto, a star for you. You will be particularly sensitive to this positive configuration, which should offer you a superb reserve of energy and optimism. Do not think that you would feel a punctual and superficial tone; it will be more of a background current, very powerful, even if it is not spectacular. Fourth trimester : The unpleasant influences that have been raging lately in your health sector will stop. You are all requinqué for this period, where you will enjoy a priori Olympic form. With Jupiter's visit early in the second month, everything should continue to go for the better. But beware of the euphoric effect of this planet. It will encourage you to do good food too often!

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