February 28, 2021

Lion Horoscope 2015 - Love

Lion Horoscope 2015 - Your loves

First trimester
: With this aspect of Venus, there will be animation in your love life. If you are already in housekeeping, the atmosphere will be warm and sensual. But this aspect will mainly concern singles. Many idle natives will indeed cross in this period someone who will not leave them indifferent. For some, it will even be a very important meeting, which may disrupt their lives and end with a marriage.
Second trimester : Spotlight on the love industry thanks to Venus and Pluto. Be in this period available, because the love will give you an appointment. Admit that this does not refuse! Especially since such an astral configuration should make you sentimental and exalt your ardor. You will have all the assets in hand to make a meeting or consolidate a recent love. If your couple is already established, you will have a happy time. Some will decide to get married, live together, or have a child.
Third trimester : Mercury will govern your love sector. Mercury is the god of communication, of speech, of dialogue. Couples can better understand each other and find a good complicity. For the solitary, the impact of Mercury will be different: you who, in good native of this sign, do not like to play the seducer, you will be for a time the king of the dredge and the flirtation. But be careful, you will tend to run several hares at a time and therefore risk not catching any!
Fourth trimester If you are married, this period will be animated. Venus, the goddess of love, will reign tenderness and sensuality in your relationship. You will have a fruitful dialogue with your spouse or partner. For loners, the climate will be flirting rather than serious commitments. Only a few single natives of the second decan will be entitled to a very important blow under the influence of Pluto. A blow of heart so disturbing that it risks besides to destabilize them a little.

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