December 11, 2023

Lion Horoscope 2015 - Tips

Lion Horoscope 2015 - Some tips for the year

With this year, you are at an important turning point in your life. Several possibilities will be offered to you, and you will have to choose carefully. In any case, you know exactly what you do not want, which will already partly facilitate your decision. Some of you will draw a great deal on their past. In any case, do not keep both feet in the same shoe. You will have to make a great effort of adaptation to fully live the more beneficial periods ahead. This year, you will often be concerned about the issue of death. You will revolt at the thought that you will have to leave this world one day. But since death is an inevitable event that spares no one, it would be wiser to accept it with calm and resignation, even if it justifies it in a certain way, as does Epictetus: "It's a curse for the ears not to be harvested, and it would be a curse for men not to die."

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