July 3, 2020

Lion's financial forecast for the year 2008

First quarter: If you want to preserve the balance of your accounts, you can feel fully reassured on the financial level. No planet will indeed threaten the sectors of your theme related to finances. Conversely, you should not expect a miraculous income. You will want to please your entourage, you could even crack for an expensive purchase. But, true to your reputation as a wise manager, you do not risk confusing generosity and waste.

Second quarter: Good inflows in the field of themoney. You will have nothing to fear; but the stars will not take care of helping you make a fortune either. Help yourself, and Heaven will help you. Be careful not to get into a purchase that does not really suit you. Before throwing awaymoney through the windows, stop, think, and wait a bit before making a decision.

Third quarter: Side finances, Pay attention ! Everything will be fine if your situation is healthy and balanced. But those of you who have accumulated debts or loans may have a hard time getting by. Negotiate with your banker and your creditors, juggle, but above all, intervene. This will prevent serious problems. While if you let the situation rot, it will be harder still to straighten it.

Fourth quarter: In business, luck will be this time at the rendezvous, with this aspect of Saturn. Unexpected opportunities will arise; seize them in passing, but treat them without haste. When it comes to your investments, go abroad; you will not regret it. On the other hand, games of chance will not be favored for the moment.

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