January 31, 2023

Little lexicon of the beauty addict

Blend or blender
All beauty addicts use this term: "blender". Typically, they advise you to "blender" an eyeshadow or a blush thanks to a faded brush or a kabuki brush. Blender, you will understand is an Anglo-Saxon term, which means "to fade", simply. And fade is certainly one of the watchwords of makeup in recent years. Indeed, the materials must be easy to apply and easy to work, so to fade for day on different degrees of intensity.
The Highlight is also one of the great makeup classics of today. This expression refers to the keys of light to bring to the face to bring out even better the features and their intensity. You will be advised to put a little Highlight below your brow bone to bring light. This is the French equivalent of the key light or illuminator, to talk about makeup.
Glowy vs glossy
Do you prefer a glowy or glossy makeup? Not always easy to distinguish the nuance between the two. Glowy makeup is a light makeup, which plays with the light touch to bring that sensual brilliance. The glossy, plays more on the gloss texture, brilliant too, but in a more intense and more marked way. The glowy is finesse, for dyed fresh, while the glossy is keen and very sensual.



Outer V
If the smoky eyes have no secrets for anyone or almost, there is another type of makeup very trendy is the outer V. This refers to the practice that aims to intensify the outer corner of the eye with a eyeshadow darker than the rest of the eyelid. To put it more simply, the smoky eyes fade from the bottom up, while the Outer V from left to right. The V is for the brush movement needed to create this intensity. It is a question of making a letter V which starts from the corner of the eye which runs along the flush of the upper lashes and the hollow of the eyelid.


Waterline refers to the internal lining of the eye, the line of the lashes where a line of black pencil can make all the difference.

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