May 20, 2024

Little train of four quarters

Little train of four quarters

Preparation time: 20 minutes

For 10 beautiful parts:
- 1 Four-Quarter 500 g pure butter Ker Cadélac
- 50 cl of chocolate topping liquid (or chocolate fade for a more crisp touch)
- 1 jar of vermicelli chocolate, multicolored sugar balls
- Candy: 1 stick of liquorice filled, 6 squares of licorice multicolored, 2 candies round for the headlights, 10 hard caramels round for the wheels ...
- 8 wooden picks (toothpick type), candles

- Get rid of the Ker Cadélac bar of the crust to obtain a regular rectangle and divide it into five equal parts
- For the first four parts, truncate 1/3 in the direction of the height then assemble a truncated part to that which is not truncated with two small wood peaks to form the front of the train
- Cover the pieces of Four-Quarters Ker Cadelac with a thick layer of chocolate using a knife, brush or spatula
- Then assemble the three wagons with peaks, by inserting a candy (licorice square for example) on each side
- Plant a liquorice at the front of the train as a chimney and apply two small round colored candies for the headlights
- Paste on the chocolate, five caramels on each side of the train as wheels and sprinkle with vermicelli chocolate, multicolored sugar balls, and finish with candles

The trick in addition : The little train can be broken down according to your imagination and the personal touch is de rigueur ...

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