October 5, 2022

LOL object of the month: Creepers

In the list of shoes the ugliest mode, the Uggs (yes these kind of stuffed boots that make us feet of yeti) are about to be downgraded by shoes even more naughty. Impossible ? But ...

Put at the purgatory of fashion since the 70s, the Creepers are conquering the hearts and dressings of fashionistas since creators like Sonia Rykiel or Opening Ceremony took them out of their boxes to put them on the podiums.

In vogue in the 70s, in full wave punk, the Creepers had since disappeared for the greater happiness of aesthetes of the shoe. It must be said that with its notched soles of 5 cm) and mastocut look worthy of grandmother's slippers, the Creepers are not elegant.

After the Doc Martens, would be in full nostalgia grunge Nirvana trend, oily hair and ripped t-shirts?

So what an idea to go looking for these shoes who make nightmares to Jimmy Choo and other Christian Louboutin?


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