June 23, 2024

Lone-parent families: 5 golden rules for single parents

1 / Do not belittle each other
After a breakup, it is difficult not to feed back to his former spouse. But even if you feel abandoned, betrayed, and have been hurt by the end of this story, it is essential to preserve your child. Devalue one of his parentsit's a little depreciating him, or at least a part of it, and a child does not have to be involved in a settling of accounts between adults.

2 / Leave guilt aside
Once the separation is digested, the life of parent-solo resumes with, often, the child at the center of all attentions. Will he develop behavioral problems? Will he feel an emotional imbalance? Is it my fault? Questions that jostle in the mind of a dad or a mum unmarried and face to be ignored. Solo or not, by definition, a parent always does his best for his child.

3 / Put limits
Guilty bouts must not prevent a parent-solo from setting limits on his child. If everyday life is not always easy to organize, it is necessary to remain faithful to the educational principles that were set to prevent his child from quickly changing into a small domestic despot.

4 / Finding time for yourself
Even if being a parent-solo often imposes an organization to the millimeter to manage the daily, it is essential for the dads and the moms singles to take time. Friends, the family, but also specialized aids ( are there for that.

5 / Stay connected
Being connected to the world, keeping a link with society: this is the secret of successful solo parents. It is essential for the balance of a small family single motherhood in which one could quickly have a tendency to postpone one's affection on the other, and to choke. But it's also an opportunity for dad or mum single to keep a foot in an adult world, meet people and share.

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