June 10, 2023

Lonely Planet sits down to table with culinary works

Lonely Planet has also been stung by the kitchen virus. Today, he publishes a collection entitled My kitchen made in. Each book includes 30 receipts which allow to learn about the local cuisine of a country. This is a logical continuation for the Australian tourist guide publisher which broadens its range of skills to open on the discovery of new gastronomic cultures. Lonely Planet drew on its knowledge and experience to compile receipts traditional receipts revisited from capitals or flagship countries of the world.
Thus, in 80 pages, there are cards receipts but also anecdotes about the history of the dishes. Everything is completed by the best addresses to buy the products necessary to achieve receipts.

Dream destinations


Lonely Planet begins its journey with the big apple New York. Over the pages, they are pastrami bagels, coleslaw, cheesecakes or Halloween pie on the menu. We also invite to his table: My kitchen made in India, My kitchen made in Thailand, My kitchen made in London and My kitchen made in Morocco.


Amazing flavors with Thailand and its scented or duck-fried rice, India unveils its receipts curries and chutneys, while Morocco evokes couscous, tajines and pastillas. In London, we will taste puddings and other scones. Lonely Planet also had the good idea to test pubs and tea rooms.


A new collection full of colors and flavors that complements kiosks already brimming with cookbooks.

Price: 7.99?



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