April 20, 2024

Long live the crisis: creators offer cheap lines

In the fashion boutiques of Avenue Montaigne, the sellers make the gray mine. If for some years now the French clientele has deserted the luxury shops, now the international clientele from Russia or the Middle East is also endangered. "With the weakness of the dollar against the euro, Americans buy less, says a saleswoman of one of the shops of the street of the Fbg Saint Honore.We are worried for 2010". In 2009, Chanel decided not to turn down no less than 200 CDDs, a bad sign for the entire profession.

Aware of the problem, some houses launched the counteroffensive. To begin with Marc Jacobs, the terrible child of the fashion which, at the end of 2008, opened a shop place of the Saint-Honoré market in Paris. His strategy? To propose objects branded but within the reach of all the purses (pens with 1?, Braces with 20?), The luxury is no longer an inaccessible fantasy.

The case Marc Jacobs makes small

And it works, this winter, Marc Jacobs recurs with an anti-crisis line and who assumes as such. T-shirts, jeans, basics, wearable clothes, for everyone, or when luxury flirts with low cost. Master in the art of provocation and the big gap, Marc Jacobs breaks the shackles of luxury.

In its wake, Yves Saint Laurent (under the direction of Stefano Pilati offers some of its flagship models, at a lower price. Okay, to offer you a Downtown bag or a tulip skirt, it will still break your piggy bank, but the brand New Vintage 2009 displays lower prices on average 20%.

Same idea Givenchy which launches a new collection, called Redux, which revisits the classics of the house, in (a little) less expensive. For example, the white coat created by Hubert de Givenchy in 1952 appears at 300? against 800? in the normal line. Similarly, Dolce & Gabbana, Versace highlight their bis, D & G and Versus lines.

And for the lovers of Jimmy Choo who have not had the chance to buy a pair at H & M, the shoe will launch in January a new collection, a line dedicated to women actresses, which will include ballerinas and pumps with small heels .

The end of bling-bling

And behind this crisis of luxury, sociologists explain that it is a change of behavior that is played out. No more bling-bling, the rolex to 10 000 euros, we say yes to basic, timeless pieces that will be worn with as much pleasure in many seasons. At the forefront of this trend, recessionistas, fashionistas who love fashion without being compulsive buyers. The responsible shoppers have replaced the addict shoppers. Spread the word...

And the brands are forced to adapt: ​​for its next collection Dolce & Gabbana announces a price decrease of the order of 15%. And that's so much better for our wallet.

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