October 27, 2021

Look: Blake Lively so preppy on the set of Gossip Girl

Do you remember Britney Spears and her clip, Baby one more time, as a good schoolgirl, proudly wearing socks and duvets? 10 years later, the series Gossip Girl put the college uniform back into fashion ... And while some little girls were traumatized by the smock dresses and navy blue vests, they now adore the coat of arms, the kilt and the headband. Spearhead of this preppy wave, Blake Lively, here on the set of the series Gossip Girl : Beige chestnut coat winter 2010-2011, or navy blue jacket with a white edging and crest of rigor, Blake Lively appropriates the looks of this trend.


How to wear the preppy?
Can not escape the preppy trend, especially since Gossip Girl and other American series staging students of good chic good kind branchouilles to the end of the moccasins. A little historical reminder, the preppy look is not the fruit of the imagination of the producers of American series, but a fashion that comes directly from the United States in the 50s. The "preppy attitude" designated students on campus to the styles hype and BCBG. The difference between sixty years ago and today? That's because now it's "cool" (Yeah!) And sexy whereas 60 years ago it was more the style of the bourgeois psycho-rigid-the-head-in-the-books. So, all in our shoes and skirts Scottish, a little overview of the centerpieces of the preppy attitude.

British attitude
Jacket crest and mini pleated, here is the basis of the preppy. Widely seen at the 2010-2011 fall-winter fashion show Comme des Garçons, the Scottish motif is also a comeback and is part of the trend. This is the moment or never to come out of the Scottish version skirt, (you know the one your mother forced you to wear and that you had a horror?) Because today it is part of the top of the preppy trendiness. As for the length of the skirt: we can not advise you too much, under the knee is almost crippling (it breaks the leg) and not sexy at all, so we opt for the mini.

Ode to color
The sad side of the preppy is no longer in the air. Mustard yellow - which until then was refused wearing, even under torture - is now considered one of the flagship colors of this trend, along with red, green and blue. As proof, this famous mustard yellow was seen in a jumper at the 2010-2011 Fall-Winter Diane Von Furstenberg show and skirt at Fendi. It is the same for tights that take this year a serious color shot. We have a soft spot for the orange (yes yes) that is part of the revival 70's trend and thus makes its return in the dressing rooms.

The moccasin
The moccasin - also known as loafer or penny loafer when it is without lace or buckle - is the shoe preppy par excellence. A touch of youth with high socks - another great trend this winter. Declined under several leathers (suede, leather, crocodile) it adapts to all types. Small flat for the moccasin varnish, except for a party or if you go to a party in honor of Michael Jackson, we avoid or so we are very careful.

Eph leg pants, carrot, 7/8 - rolled over the ankle - or velvet, the pants is the simple and chic asset of preppy look. Easy no? After, it is up to you to match it as it should be: white shirt or checked and then a fitted jacket.

The accessory that makes the difference: the lava knot
This small ribbon often satin, does not look like that, but it chicissime the preppy attitude. On a blouse of disconcerting simplicity, he gives a boost and class in a knot!

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