June 10, 2023

Look of Parisians: the bobo of eastern Paris

Question: I ride in Velib, I eat organic, I sort my trash, and I pay a lot of attention to myself. Who am I ? The now famous bourgeois-bohemian. This funny character, who migrated from beautiful neighborhoods to nestle in more popular corners (nineteenth and twentieth) draws his clothes on his personality.

The Bobo has by definition means, so he does not look at the price of clothing. It pays attention to what they keep however a small eco-neglected side, limit cheap once worn. Johnny Depp is the Bobo par excellence. The Bobo seems to have jumped in the morning in the first rags come, and yet ... if you knew! He studied everything. He has something in common with the Dandy: his love of accessories. But more "roots". We love them scarves motives a little faded, their oriental bracelets, their necklaces in stones, and their felt hats that they willingly holed or a little burned.

The jeans are necessarily a little loose, the rest too. It overlays diapers, and can very well wear a long-sleeved T-shirt under another short-sleeved T-shirt, with a cardigan. The sublimated whole of a scarf checkered. A funny but clever mix of genres that young people are adopting more and more ...

The shopping of the editorial office
Cardigan Viviane Westwood, 315? www.viviennewestwood.com
Plain Black Hat Jules, 9,90? www.jules.fr
Jeans H & M faded, from 49? www.hm.com

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