October 27, 2021

Look of Parisians, the dandy of Saint Germain des Prés

Back on the left bank to meet the Dandy of Saint-Germain, expensive district Souchon and Ferré. Attitude is as important as the look for this colorful character. We will easily recognize the dandy, nonchalantly coiled on the terrace of the famous Café de Flore or Deux Magots. Being dandy is more a question of attitude than of clothes. Chic 24/24, the dandy is a follower of the class attitude and reluctant to let go.

Another distinctive element, the dandy likes to play with accessories: have a bag or scarves, shoes or patent patterned ... We can also not hesitate to superimpose two or three very thin scarves playing with the tones and colors. The dandy has an imoderate taste for the original tones: pink, yellow, green. The butterfly knot, at home, is not reserved for mundane parties.

The heir of Oscar Wilde 21st century version wears it everyday. Moreover, he does not have a fixed style: he has fun with his moods and his desires. Dandy-Rock on Monday with a jacket leather and skinny jeans, Dandy-gentleman on Tuesdays with white cropped trousers, small lace-up sneakers of the same color, paired with tall gray socks. It's all about envy and creativity!

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JAPANESE DANDY スペシャルインタビュー -山下 哲也- (October 2021)