May 13, 2021

Look of the day: Alessandra Ambrosio summer and casual in Los Angeles

The supermodel Alessandra Ambrosio knows how to be classy in all circumstances. She showed it again during a walk in Los Angeles. The Brazilian model was intercepted by the paparazzi on Monday, July 29 at a gas station talking on the phone in the Brentwood neighborhood.

In perfect model, Alessandra Ambrosio has confirmed her reputation as a glamorous woman. Even dressed most simply, in very casual clothes ...

In fact, the 33-year-old had opted for a gray sleeveless T-shirt with a loose fit, with the black "Work Hard Play Harder" ("Work hard, play harder", in French). A sentence that means everything. Downstairs, the model had set her sights on a leggings navy blue and sky-blue ultra-tight, cut at the calf. A choice that highlighted his long slender legs and long silhouette.


For shoes, Alessandra Ambrosio could not resist the call of the holidays, wearing the basics and must-haves flip flops. Moreover, this is not the first time that the Brazilian top is surprised with such sandals, far from it. That the young mother is on the street, at the beach, at the park, Alessandra Ambrosio do not leave flip flopsbut she changes the color.


She did not forget to work on the details of her look. She applied red nail polish as well on her hands and feet. As for leather goods, she wore a rigid black bag with very classy gold ties.
Natural and relaxed in her sporty outfit, Alessandra Ambrosio seems to swim in happiness.


Supermodel Alessandra Ambrosio Glowing At LAX (May 2021)