February 22, 2020

Look of the day: Alexa Chung and her chic pastel look in New York

There was a time when Alexa Chung could have been considered the new Kate Moss. Because she's beautiful, because she's British, because she has her own style. And especially because his style seems to influence the world of fashion. Unlike the twig, however, it does not seem to be able to be categorized as a "supermodel", nor to have its penchant for the non-stop party. Egérie Agatha and Pepe Jeans, she also shows for Vivienne Westwood for a while, but her modeling career stops there. Alexa Chung is above all a fashionist whose look is detailed at the least of his appearances.

And for good reason ! Alexa Chung is the ambassador for chic preppy style. Printed with flowers, lace and broderie à l'anglaise, the young woman displays a chic and glamorous look with a hint of innocence. His trademark in a way. No wonder then to see her appear in a style more preppy than ever when presenting her collaboration with the make-up brand Eyeko at Sephora. It was Tuesday, December 18 in New York. Alexa Chung appeared in a pretty skirt / top set - coat in pastel tones. With his whole midi suit signed Burberry salmon color and his coat wide open mouse gray color, the young woman was perfect. We particularly like the detail of the shirt collar closed for the side "little girl chic". To avoid a style too smooth, the British had played on the effects of matter. The woolly aspect of coat (quite masculine in its cut otherwise) contrasted perfectly with the elegance and work of the lace ensemble.

Bonus point: the shoes with pointy ends and leopard print, set with a small golden node.

With this pastel and trendy outfit, Alexa Chung again achieves a faultless.

Allison's Look of the Day: New York Fashion Week Chic (February 2020)