January 31, 2023

Look of the day: Angelina Jolie in Paris

The world tour of Angelina Jolie to present his new film Salt, continue ... After London, Paris ... Who says new destination, said of course change of look. For the Parisian preview, Angelina makes a change of style: jet-haired hair pulled up in a bun, Pamela Rolland's draped dress, Angelina Jolie play the card of sobriety on the red carpet. Another notable change, no black (the favorite color of Angelina Jolie) but a cream beige dress and matching Ferragamo shoes. Makeup side, Angelina Jolie opts for a natural nude finish, and demonstrates that at age 35, it is possible to be nature in Hollywood ...

Find here the look of Angelina Jolie at the London premiere of Salt

A Lister Angelina Jolie gets swarmed by a massive crowd of fans in Paris (January 2023)