August 15, 2022

Look of the day: Eva Green, divine in her emerald dress in Los Angeles

Beautiful, elegant, natural. Eva Green is a summary of these three adjectives. La Fran├žaise exudes extraordinary beauty, halfway between a beauty of Cate Blanchett ice cream and a woman brimming with sensuality like Monica Bellucci. Mysterious, unaccustomed to being in the spotlight, the French remains an enigma in many ways. But on the other hand, she always plays in the same category: refined chic.

And when she's on the red carpet in Los Angeles to present her latest movie, "Sin City 2: I killed for her," Eva Green out of his hat an outfit to fall to the ground: a Evening dress a stunning emerald green signed by Elie Saab Couture. The actress had opted for a lace model, with embroidery and sequins for a glamorous Hollywood side. A model that did not need any accessories. Even the black shoes of the French woman disappeared under the fluid fall of the dress. A thin waistband marked the size of the young woman and a train from his shoulders ensuring the actress an elegant and original silhouette. In addition, the emerald color married marvelously well with the whiteness of her skin and her long black hair.

Beauty side Eva Green had bet on side hair, a simple hairstyle that consisted of bringing back his slightly wavy hair on one shoulder. For make-up, a line of silvery black flush with the lashes of the lower eyelid and an elongated mascara was enough to emphasize his blue eyes. While a red lipstick brought a nice touch of color and light to his face.

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