December 10, 2023

Look of the day: Jessica Alba relaxed for a charity

The beautiful actress of 32 years Jessica Alba dedicated his Sunday to a work of charity. She has indeed played the volunteers for the association "Baby2Baby"Together with her girlfriend Lauren Andersen with whom she was photographed in Beverly Hills, this day was dedicated to families in need by offering baby equipment and clothing for children up to 12 years old. actress, but also the businesswoman, introduced "The Honest Company", his company wipes and diapers natural, biodegradable, for baby.


Taking advantage of the sun, the pretty volunteer, then accustomed to more sophisticated outfits, adopted a casual look. Without giving up the glamorous touch that represents it, Jessica Alba slipped into a sporty outfit: the actress portrays a T-shirt gray short sleeve, V-neck, on behalf of his company "The Honest Co"She accompanied him with a trousers blousing blue rolled up and white moccasins. To add to her relaxed Sunday style, the brunette actress portrays the hair dropped slightly wavy, the line on the side.


For the rest, she played sobriety, with discreet golden jewelry and a light nude make-up. Relaxed even in the gestures, Jessica Alba walked the California streets iced coffee by hand. A day of volunteering for the benefit of moms in need which corresponds to him rather well.


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