November 25, 2020

Look of the day: Julianne Moore, preppy for The Big Lebowski

Jeff Bridges, John Goodman and Julianne Moore gave us a good mood last night as they gathered to celebrate the blu ray release The Big Lebowski, a pastiche comedy made by the Cohen brothers in 1998.


Although the actors have aged a bit, they have nothing to envy to the youngest. Jeff Bridges, classy in his black suit and his geek t-shirt, played the game, laughing at his throat and hugging Julianne Moore of all its grandeur.


Julianne Moorewho was also very elegant in a classic black dress completed by a huge white knot on the chest. This chic look was spiced up with a pair of leopard print sandals. At 50, Julianne Moore has never been so fulfilled and proves that she can give us style lessons without flinching.



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