June 4, 2023

Look of the day: Kate Hudson, tangy and chic in Los Angeles

Autumn, did you say fall? Some seem to have the intention to brave the codes that say that in this season we must start to cover and store in the closet clothes a little too flashy colors. So yes, in Los Angeles, it's a little different, it's almost always a more than adequate time, but from there to play it as if we were always in the middle of August ... And yet, c is what did Kate Hudson at the Courages in Journalism Awards ceremony on October 28 in the City of Angels. The actress had opted for a short dress signed Templerley London, combining the words "fun" and "elegance".

The first thing we notice about this outfit is its color: bright coral. A shade that went perfectly to the golden complexion and blond hair of the young woman. It's festive, happy, tangy. The reverse of autumn sadness. Then, we notice the details that make this dress a jewel of mastery and elegance. Finely crafted lace, floral patterns, collar finishes and long sleeves (perfect to avoid the vulgar side) ... nothing is missing. Playing on the transparency, this outfit is very chic thanks to its kind of bottom of dress / lining under the lace and its well marked size. The outfit nicely highlighted the athletic figure of the young woman.

To complete this very feminine outfit, Kate Hudson opted for Christian Louboutin's coral point-toe pumps and Brian Atwood's snake-print minaudière. As for beauty, nothing too sophisticated or bright (the outfit is already very colorful). The actress had kept her hair lopsided, her lips nude and had emphasized her black eyes by adding a golden eyeshadow.

Definitely, the actress is still sexy!

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