September 30, 2020

Look of the day: Radiant Keira Knightley in London

All dressed in gold ... The British star Keira Knightley made his big comeback in the English capital this Wednesday, to promote his latest film, Begin Again (New York Melody French version) produced by John Carney. The casting had met on the roof of Picturehouse Cinemas, with in the background, Big Ben.
For the occasion, Keira Knightley wore a dress pale pink with romantic airs, embroidered with golden threads forming golden flakes. Her dress very wise was covered with a light semi-transparent steering wheel, and cut at mid calves. The lining, she stopped at knee height.
To perfect her golden look, treated from head to toe, the English actress wore Babydoll style pumps with round toe and thin bridles.

The English actress with a sweet and poetic face had chosen to let her wavy hair fall on her shoulders. Always in this idea of ​​adopting a style full of sweetness and delicacy, the heroine of Pirates of the Caribbean had covered her nails with a soft pink varnish.


A tone as soft as his voice, melodious, that you can hear in this film. For the purposes of this feature film, Keira Knightley improvised singer, and the result is ... Surprising! To discover in the room from July 30th.



video - Keira Knightley, Reese Witherspoon. Best dresses of the Baftas -YouTube (September 2020)