October 27, 2021

Look of the day: Sharon Stone very nature!

Less is more ... such seems to be the motto of the always sublime Sharon Stone. While French viewers will soon have the chance to discover it as a shock and charm prosecutor in the New York Special Unit series, Sharon Stone dazzles us once again by its naturalness ...

Dressed in a little dress in pearly gray sequins, a pair of flip-flops, Sharon StoneWith a smile on her lips and a delicate, tanned complexion, she does her shopping with ease. A natural pleasure from a mega star of its ilk.

But if Sharon Stone adopts a simple and chic style, it does not forget the essential: a pair of sunglasses and a bag Dior bright red varnish. Proof that you can be trendy, with ease!

I Dressed Like It Was 1967 (October 2021)