June 10, 2023

Loss of teeth in children: The Little Mouse, a story that comforts

At the origin of the story of the Little Mouse, the fairy of thehygiene Oral, there is a Baroness, Marie-Catherine d'Aulnoy, French writer of stories of the seventeenth century. But the Good Little Mouse, if she is a fairy, helps an unhappy queen to save her little daughter from the wickedness of the king. There is no question of reward for lost teeth. The Baron's Good Mice devours the ears, the nose and the inside of the king's mouth to punish him.

The character of the Little Mouse is adopted however in the 50s and the story evolves. The little fairy comes during the sleep of the children to slip a coin or a gift in exchange for their fallen milk teeth.

The story of the Little Mouse is multiple and each parent can be creative about it. One of the versions is that the Little Mouse is trying to build a nice white and solid castle thanks to the children's milk teeth. The more beautiful, strong and white the tooth is, the more the Little Mouse generously rewards its owner. That's enough to help motivate on the brushing of teeth and thehygiene Oral ...

Strongly rooted in the imagination of families, the Little Mouse is now an indispensable ally of thehygiene from the mouths of children and major brands like Signal have even relooked the little beast superheroes to get the message of good brushing of teeth in a fun and effective way! All you have to do is use the trick.

Our advice
6 or 7 years is often the age when children begin to lose their baby teeth. They are able for the most part to know that Santa does not exist and that the Little Mouse either. The Little Mouse is more of a rite of passage for children who are very proud to grow up and sport a toothless smile, a way to mark this passage to what is called "the age of reason".

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