April 10, 2021

Love: 5 lessons to manage an immature man?

1. Basically accept this state of affairs

If you are definitely looking for a modern boy who masters as a chef the use of the brush and knows how to change a layer in forty seconds chrono, better put an end point right away to your story with Tanguy. Because even galvanized by your lovethis fat, lazy little baby, who will soon be in the 30's, will never become a hyperactive domestic worker.

2. Manage important steps

To guard against disappointments and unpleasant surprises, it is also advisable that you take care of the tasks of "adult". Ask him to make a transfer every month and then assume the payment of the bills and the payment of the rent. Because if you let Tanguy operate, you take the risk of seeing a friendly cohort of ushers come to your house quickly, since he never thinks of anything. Also avoid the trap of the common account: your man could empty it with DVDs and other video games purchased in a careless way ...

3. But do not comfort him in his status of child king

In short, it's about having your head on your shoulders for two. But there is no question of letting him do it with impunity ... Do not condone if Mr. flames thousands of euros in one evening during a trip to the casino or forget to go get his little niece to school then that he had committed to it. Show him your discontent, if necessary through a small sex strike!

4. Play (temporarily) the same game as him

He has always refused to put away any socks? To approach the least sponge or wipe? Try the experience of doing nothing at all for a week or two (for the more adventurous). Faced with the laundry that is piling up in the basket, the dishes that stagnate in the sink, it will eventually end up putting itself on.

5. Get him to work on himself

It is not about harassing him with reproaches or endless discussions about his irresponsibility ... But if he does not change an inch, bring back the topic regularly, explaining how it hurts you and bridle your feelings. Encourage him to consult a psychiatrist: the immature children are often children who have had too much of a relationship with their mother and have not mourned their childhood ...

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