December 10, 2023

Love at first sight: what is it?

As its name suggests, love at first sight is an intense discharge of love that takes two people by surprise and takes them into an exclusive, intense, sustained relationship, in a seemingly upset space-time system. The newly formed couple is like in shock and alone in the world! The love passion burns and consumes both people, in absolute happiness almost painful. One seems to complement the other completely. Fate suddenly takes precedence over will and reason.

The love at first sight can strike anyone, anytime. There is no one who is more or less predisposed, and no one is immune, nor unfortunately those who are not available emotionally.

The love at first sight is a state of crisis and knowing that sometimes helps to avoid tearing too early the couple in which we find ourselves. You must know that no one can live permanently in love at first sight because it is a feeling so exacerbated that it is unbearable over time.

Love at first sight is like a dream of love; it is certainly an illusion. For love at first sight to turn into a love story, it must be put to the test of the everyday and the concrete. If the couple is long term, it certainly has a long work to do so that the illusion is diluted in a deeper feeling, more real.
Our advice:
To live a relationship of love in the long term, a form of distance in the couple is necessary. It's more about cultivating one's personality, not to blend in desire on the other hand, to value one's needs. Because lasting love is the opposite of love at first sight. If passionate feelings are experienced, love stories are built.

The Science Behind Love At First Sight (December 2023)