May 20, 2024

Love on the Internet: They defend their favorite dating site

Nelle defends Meetic, the most popular site on the market
"Meetic may be losing momentum lately, but this site remains the reference in France to start a serious relationship and undoubtedly the site to the largest number of registrants. So for me, the calculation is quickly done: more choice = more chance to find my half! Not to mention that it is the best built site, with many features (photos, chat, announcement, flash, Zen option, etc.). One obligation: to sort out the real thing and take the time to study the profiles instead of just relying on the photos ... "
Sylvie defends eDarling, a more "pro" site
"The ad that goes on TV may be a little ridiculous, the site that has attracted me in his nets is eDarling ... He arrived in France there is little, but it has already proven in Germany ! After having unsuccessfully tested Meetic Affinity and Parship, who are also banking on the meet by affinities, I wanted to register on a more "pro" site. Certainly, the personality test is very advanced and takes time, but it allows you to find people really compatible. Well-known psychologists and behaviorists have collaborated on this test, which is for me a proof of quality. Result: I met in a few months a man with whom I think to go a long way. It's worth spending a few euros a month, do not you think? "
Constance defends Attractive World, a very select site
"If you are serious in your approach and are looking for quality services in terms of met, have a look at Attractive World! This site is certainly elitist, it is none the less innovative and is undeniably a dating website apart. The reason is simple: registration applications are subject to approval by site members. The services offered are much better than those dating website basics (participation in the forum, events and outings, exchanges in a climate of trust, etc.). Thanks to the interactive calendar of events, we go from virtual to real without taking risks! The outings are very friendly, the members are pleasant, the atmosphere always present, there are even special evenings for new organized every month to break the ice. The only problem: the 29 euros to pay each month ... "

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